Capturing the Season

21 May 2024

A one-day class in Yorkshire with Becky Crowley and Simply by Arrangement 

For this one-day class we are joined here in the Small Corner by gardener and artist Becky Crowley. The day is limited to two guests and will involve learning how to create two very different still life scenes inspired by all that we can find in the Spring garden.

Becky has a wealth of knowledge in terms of gardening, growing and making photographic works of art that represent a particular moment in the garden. Sarah creates still life photographs using flowers from the garden that have been arranged to look beautiful and catch the light. By the end of this day you’ll have created two very different scenes to photograph, and will understand how to gather elements from your own garden or home environment and capture them to create a lasting visual memory.

Our day will begin around the kitchen table, looking at photographs, talking about growing flowers, and understanding how best to create your own pictures…..what to look for in terms of colour, composition, shape, proportion, botanical elements; what light to use; where you might find it.

From there we’ll move into the garden to gather interesting materials to use for the photographs you’ll create.

One guest will then join Becky to learn how to set up and create their scenes for the ‘botanically inspired’ photograph, and the other will join Sarah in the workshop to make small arrangements for the other ‘still life’ photograph. After lunch the guests will swap over so that everyone has learned the art of creating a flat lay photograph and also how to make an arrangement for a still life photograph.

Guests will have time to take (and learn more about how to take) their own photographs and Becky and Sarah will also take photographs. If time allows there will also be discussion on editing of your photos using Lightroom. Our aim for the day is to open your eyes as to the abundance of botanical material outside your own back door and to encourage you to find new ways of seeing it, gathering it and using it in a beautiful way, so that you can visually document your own small corner of the world, either for your records or perhaps for something that can be shared with others.

Lunch and light refreshments included, and guests will take home flowers, a handmade vessel and new skills in photography, flower growing and arranging.

Price: £495

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