Nestled on a Yorkshire hillside in the grey-green landscape that has inspired great writers is our home, workshop and garden.

It’s here that stories begin. Stories of those who come here, from nearby, or from far off corners of the world to learn how to ‘do the flowers’. Flowers that tell the story of time well spent – honing a craft; discovering a new pastime; or just falling in love with flowers.

Simply by Arrangement Fritillaria mid grey

My own story is of finding flowers after a 20-year career in a world of more serious stories, where lives were altered by circumstance and where I rarely saw much light. Flowers were, for me, a brief escape. And then one day I found I needed to grow more of them and to teach others how to use them to bring lightness, depth and soul into each day.

Now I spend most of my time here (and sometimes in other places that I love) growing flowers, making floral designs that are wildly abundant – full of texture and movement and life, as if still growing – and, perhaps most importantly, teaching others how to grow their own stories in flowers.

Welcome to a small corner of Yorkshire.

Winter at Simply by Arrangement Workshop

My Philosophy

Seeking to capture a floral moment in time, using the gentlest of techniques – from growing our own flowers organically or sourcing them locally to creating designs in a naturalistic way.
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Contact Us

Please fill in the form below or call me on 07772518298 if you would like to discuss booking a workshop place, mentoring session or flowers for a wedding/event.
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