Simply Business and Flowers

A one-day class for you and your business on either: 20th May, 9th August or 23rd October 2024

These are one-to-one day classes, from 10am to 3pm. They are a blend of our Tea and Simply business mentoring sessions and our flower classes, giving each guest the chance to discuss their business in confidence and in depth whilst also indulging in some creative, relaxing time during which ideas will develop.
The day will start with a discussion about you and your business, around the kitchen table, in the garden or perhaps on a short walk. This is your chance to really look closely at what your business means to you and what you need from your business. We all have dreams for our business, no two businesses are the same, and often those dreams are achievable. New ideas are certain to develop on this day and you will leave with a set of realistic strategies and goals and, if you want it, maybe some homework too.
Often the best ideas come whilst having some quiet, creative time, and you’ll be given access to the studio and garden where you can spend time thinking and making something with our flowers to take home. Those flowers will stay with you and act as a reminder for the next few days of everything you want to do.
Over a late lunch we’ll re-evaluate and formulate an action plan to help keep you calm and focused on all that’s to come.
Price : £495, includes some pre-course questions, a note book, flowers, a vessel to take home, and lunch.

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