How to Grow a Sustainable Arch

25th August 2022

A one-day class in Yorkshire with Carol Siddorn and Simply By Arrangement.

Four guests are invited to join us here as we delve more deeply into the art of growing and gathering the right flowers and foliage to enable us to work together to create not one but two archway/ installations that are both sustainable and beautiful.

Using only flowers and foliage (fresh and possibly dried) from the flower farm of Carol Siddorn and with additional pieces from the garden here, guests can expect to learn how to construct a freestanding archway and something more ‘fixed’, without using floral foam and using environmentally friendly techniques that we have tried and tested and which make good sense.

This class might particularly appeal to flower growers but also to anyone who feels daunted by the bigger structures that some events need.

As well as lots of invaluable information on flower growing and hands-on practical design experience, guests will take away written details on foam-free mechanics and our favourite stems to choose, and there will be photographs of your work too.

Lunch, laughter and soft summer light are also included. Whatever the weather, there will be an ice cream at the end.

Price :£495 (or £450 to anyone who has purchased a ticket for the 2022 Flowers From the Farm Conference).

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