Four Seasons & the Bouquet

Across the Year

A half-day class in Yorkshire with Simply By Arrangement.

Making the bridal bouquet is the most important, and possibly the most nerve-wracking part of a florist’s job. From creating the design, to the selection of the right seasonal ingredients, the construction of the most exquisite bouquet that will dance down the aisle, to capturing the bouquet in photographs for your own portfolio, these classes are designed to help make you feel more confident in your work.

Each class is a half day, either 10-1 or 2-5. Cost £250. Flowers, ribbon and photographs are included. Just choose your favourite season.

Spring: week commencing 9th May (9th and 11th already full)

Summer: week commencing 18th July (18th already full)

Autumn: week commencing 3rd October (4th and 6th already full)

Winter: week commencing 22nd November

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