Carefully Crafted – a Career Course

Starting in September 2024, this twelve-month bespoke career course is intended to help you grow your business and follow the seasons.

I have grown my own small business from nothing over the past 10 years – using some skills from a previous job; learning many, many new skills; practising my craft; learning from the very best people; and each day finding new ways of seeing.

Finding myself inadvertently mentoring others – Holly, who runs a freelance floral design business here and abroad; Charlotte, who is now a landscape garden designer with a plan to return to flowers once she owns the cottage with land; John, who grows and who one day will be the best tulip grower I know; Sara, who was a potter and who is now known for her bowls filled with flowers; and many others – I decided in 2022 to launch a career class of my own.

Along came Annabel and together we worked for a year. Four seasonal in personfull-day classes on floral design and 12 monthly business sessions each lasting an hour, together with lots of hard work by Annabel, resulted in The Contented Mole, a beautiful place of retreat, offering  creative workshops centred around seasonal living.

In 2023, I helped three more small businesses to grow and develop at their own pace. One flower farmer, one career changer from the arts into floral design, and one already-established floral designer who is looking at either growing a wedding business or maybe something else. Currently (2024) I’m helping three flower growers and a wedding florist.

In 2024/25, there are places for three more businesses, or fledgling businesses. Well work together to create a unique learning experience for you across the year. Ideally well start in September, in line with the new academic year but, like everything here, nothing is set in stone, and the dates are up to you, to be fitted into a 12-month period of growth for you and your business.

At the end of your year youll have a clear idea of what your business is, where its going and how youll make it last. Sustainability is something we strive towards here, not just in terms of our impact on the environment but also in making sure you develop or grow your business in a way that sustains you, maybe financially, but also in terms of your wellbeing, and always with consideration to how your business impacts on those around you.

What you can expect from this class:

– Four full-day 1:1 in-person classes. One for each season, covering a range of designs including bouquets, centrepieces, urns, archways and other installations. Every class will use locally grown flowers and foam-free mechanics. Either taught here in Yorkshire, or maybe at your place, or somewhere else that inspires us. A portfolio of photographs to accompany each class.

– Monthly business sessions in which we cover all aspects of your development. From business names and branding to finding (and keeping) the right customers. From ideas on your website to creating an exhibition. Whatever issues are particular to you, we will make them easy to navigate and find solutions.

All of the classes and mentoring sessions are done on a one-to-one basis, which provides you with a truly bespoke way of learning and developing. There will be suggestions in each session of homeworkto help you develop further and at your own pace in between the classes.

There are 3 places available.

Cost: £2,500.

Deposit of £300 required on booking and remainder payable in four instalments.


“I knew Sarah immediately understood what I was trying to achieve. We met every season to work on my practical skills in floristry making a whole variety of creations from spring bowl arrangements and summer bouquets to autumn urns and winter wreaths. Every month we had a chat on the phone and we discussed my business development covering social media, creative practice, marketing, photography and strategy. She was a fantastic listener and encouraged me at every step and whilst honest she was never judgmental. She also visited me at my business and took a keen interest in everything I was trying to accomplish. I feel my confidence has grown both creatively and in my self belief. I now have started my small business and look forward to developing it further. I honestly dont think I would have been where I am now without her input. I heartily recommend her career course to anyone with a fledgling business they would like to take forward.”

Annabel Anderson, The Contented Mole,

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