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About Us

Flowers are Forever

Seeking to capture a floral moment in time, using the gentlest of techniques – from growing our own flowers organically or sourcing them locally to creating designs in a naturalistic way.
Pink Line

Every leaf speaks

bliss to me, fluttering

from the autumn tree’.

Emily Brontë

Workshops/ classes/ restorative retreats...

call them what you will, they are what I love to do


From our small corner of Yorkshire, with a garden full of flowers and foliage, and with a familiar grey-green backdrop of fields and dry stone walls that have been “built to last”, I have taught many people my way of “doing the flowers” and encouraged them to pursue their own dreams and their own way with flowers.

Simply One-to-One Classes

Weekly, throughout the year

Spend a full day, or a half day with Simply By Arrangement at our Yorkshire studio, home and garden.

Weddings & Events

Carefully considered floral designs to fit perfectly with your chosen venue

Stories From the Small Corner

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Simply By Arrangement have created something really special with their floral workshops. Fabulous flowers, delicious food, beautiful surroundings and the warmest of welcomes combine to provide the most inspiring creative experience no matter what your skill level. I’ve attended several of their workshops over the last couple of years and always come away brimming with ideas. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

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Please fill in the form below, or call me on 07772518298 if you would like to discuss booking a workshop place or an order for flowers.

I like to speak to my customers so that I can provide the best service possible.

Snowdrop in earthenware bud vase

Deep Winter

January and February are months
in which to snuggle down.

If you grow flowers it’s the one time of year where, without guilt, you can sit by the fire, in your warmest socks, maybe with the blanket and just read. Books, seed catalogues, magazines. Just read. Maybe make a note or two. But above all else take it easy.

You might need to make something ‘floral’ and this is the time where you can get out all the dried flowers and grasses from the shed. Just watch the way they move and place them where they’ll catch the light the best.

If you have any winter vegetables in the garden and are craving some ‘life’ inside the house, then look for pieces of broccoli or kale leaves. And, as we get to February, the first tiny crocus in a bud vase or a honey-scented snowdrop will be enough to make you think of spring and all that’s to come in this brand-new year.