Floral workshops- what goes on? Sarah waxes lyrical again

What do our floral workshops involve? Hopefully this post explains. ‘A real feast for the senses’ was a comment made by one of our first ever guests and that has become our mantra as we plan each workshop. Our aim is for our guests to smell that unrivalled fresh flower scent as they step on […]

Seasonally Affected… An Autumn Blog Post by Sarah

We’ve always said we embrace the seasons. Nothing excites us more than seeing new flowers emerge or trying out new recipes with fruit and vegetables that are abundant. But it’s Autumn that gets me every year; maybe because we live somewhere which has trees on every hillside, in every valley and in every shade from […]

On cake and kindness

It’s no secret that Mrs B (aka Christie; aka the food half of Simply By Arrangement) makes exceedingly good cake. She often says that she shows she cares through food. Her chocolate brownies used to be posted up to her son in Edinburgh each week and she was most distraught when they couldn’t be flown out […]

Inspiration 2014

   Amidst the Christmas madness we took a moment today to reflect upon the books that have inspired us throughout the year. We also couldn’t get by without first-rate olive oil; gin; chocolate; and scented candles from The Yorkshire Soap Company. Sarah dreams of silk ribbon, sharp scissors and a new pair of secateurs. Mrs […]


There are many people we should thank for helping us get to a stage where we have a website as our shop window. Over the coming year they will all be mentioned in this blog (written by Sarah and with culinary contributions from Christie). These virtual Bakewell Slices go to James Dent (thisiscommon.co.uk) for designing […]