2019 Part 2 – A Year in Words and Many Photographs: Spring

January 20, 2020


At long last, the first consignment of British flowers arrives, packed perfectly in brown paper and string by Suzie of Flowers By Season.

Our pal Kirsty comes for a chat and I persuade her to do a bowl of flowers so that I can test out a new photography area for light. It’s good. Roger mentions charging me rent for the woodshed but agrees that payment in flowers is most acceptable.

Those cool girls from Wolves Lane Flower Co spend a few days in Yorkshire and bring Brian along to do bouquets and urns. From the steps of the barn Brian delivers an Easter message urging us all ‘not to follow the crowd’ – we know just what he means.

                                 (Photo by Sarah Mason)


Rachael Scott from Hedgerow comes down to stay for a few days. It’s our annual How to Do The Wedding Flowers class and this year we spend 3 brilliant days with 3 equally brilliant women: Carol Siddorn (Carol’s Garden); Jill from Flora Alba and Treea Cracknall (The London Flower Farmer). We cover bouquets, bowls, urns, installations and all of the tricky aspects of being a wedding florist, including the fact that all wedding set ups  must end with a good lunch out. We all drool over a rare variety of tulip. I’m not telling you what they are unless you ask.

May might also be a favourite month because of those two bank holidays at either end.
We go back up to Cambo (determined to use the Friends and Family membership in every season). Charlotte comes for a quick visit too and is suitably in awe of the place and the beach.


It rains and rains, but Sara from Drinkhouse flowers doesn’t seem to mind and we get carried away photographing her first ‘natural’ bouquet.

The rain finally stops the day that Josie from New Zealand comes and even Molly approves of her carefully placed calendula.